It's finally the Flipside Throwback 1979-81

Gone was Wavy Gravy of Woodstock, the waves were now on the bottom of your SHOES when you put on a pair of Famolare shoes. Rocker chicks wearing rocker bottom shoes.
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Women Owned and Sustainable Shoes by Famolare

Remember the signature wavy soul of Famolare shoes in the 70’s? The power of this women-owned, sustainable materials and California-based brand has fashion for todays woman.
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Victoria Staten of Famolare: Five Strategies Our Company Is Using To Tackle Climate Change & Become…

A fashion industry veteran, the former Group Vice President of Kenneth Cole started her company to bring the iconic Seventies fashion brand, Famola...
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Treat Yourself This November

Galore just included Famolare in their November Favorites round up here.
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Famolare Focuses on Cute Styles, Sustainable Materials

Although the soles of their shoes are recyclable and the uppers are biodegradable, Famolare will buy back used shoes to resell to keep them out of ...
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Eco-Friendly Fashion to Wear Everyday

Famolare Sandals, which makes adorable 70s-styled sandals, is a model company when it comes to sustainability. Their design process begins with a f...
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