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I've been writing poetry for decades. When one comes to me, whether pen to paper or fingers on a keyboard, I move as fast as my hands try to catch up with my brain. This poem is no different. Peac...

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only the 17th.. - Famolare

only the 17th..

It's already the 17th and I'm only now in the state of mind to write this. The start of the new year begins a new path forward. I've been known to take myself a bit too seriously, and after a year...

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Thanks For Giving - Famolare

Thanks For Giving

My vibrant, smart, confident, and loyal Famolare readers --- from the corners of my heart, thank you. I am so proud of the communities Famolare has created over the past fifty years and the credit ...

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Orange Proportions - Famolare

Orange Proportions

This week’s topic is one of “orange” proportions. My story begins on a day like any other. That is until a neighbor (whom I had yet to meet) strolled up to my gate and rang the buzzer. She politely...

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Native American Heritage Month - Famolare

Native American Heritage Month

In honor of Native American Heritage Month, I will be sharing an excerpt of my documented time traveling to the Four Corners with my dear friend, Amado Peña. He is recognized as an Artisan of the P...

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