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Our Wellness Approach

The rubber compound used in the soles acts as a mediator between your feet and hard pavement and serves as an aid to your natural movement. The 1st wave absorbs the initial shock to the heel and ankle, the 2nd wave cushions the arch, the 3rd wave rolls you forward, and the 4th wave pushes you off. Famolare's famous waves have a reputation for enhancing general well-being, improving posture, facilitating an energetic gait and ease of motion, and lessening foot pain, which combined increases a feeling of vitality and serenity.

“I am a “Famolare” myself! I started wearing these beautiful sandals in the 70s during high school & college while walking miles every day in them without discomfort. I recently rediscovered this beautiful wave action wedge & fell in love all over again. Those feelings of “oh so comfortable.” The sense of perfect posture; my entire body aligned, the feeling of taller legs and a perfect stride. I noticed my hip flexors were a little sore after pacing back and forth while my husband was having a surgical procedure. I say that is a good thing showing how this wave really benefits your entire body. While I watched other women looking at my Cross Your Heart Famolares, another feeling came rushing back. I was a confident, secure woman, feeling younger with more energy & vitality. I was literally glowing from within knowing that these other women were not only admiring my Famolares but they were in awe of me. Wow, what a rush!”

Jennifer B.

Famolare Ripple Maker

Zebris Gate Study

“There’s nothing like walking in Famolares. When I was a kid, I thought they were cool, and they were more comfortable than my sneakers. As a little girl growing up in the 70s during the feminist movement and the onset of Title Nine, Famolares helped us feel empowered from the outside inward. We marched, danced, and did just about everything, coming of age in our Famolares. A few years ago, I wore a pair of vintage Famolares to a trade show. After walking miles in them that day, I couldn’t get over how my feet didn’t hurt. That was my inspiration. Now, I have quite a few pairs of new Famolares and wear them nearly every day. When I do put on a different pair of shoes, I like Vans, Birkenstock, and Uggs, I realize how special Famolares are, and how central they are to my being. I like my other shoes, and I’m sentimentally attached to some of them, however only Famolares make me feel happy.”

Victoria Staten