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Our History and HERStory

Famolare had a big influence on my Southern California beach and fashion subculture youth. As a young girl growing up in the '70s and '80s, my identity was somewhat wrapped in the positive energy and emerging female empowerment that surrounded the Famolare brand at the time. Wearing Famolares made us feel like we could accomplish anything we set our minds to as worked for causes to empower women, marched for miles to push for civil rights, support peace, and protect the environment. Well today, 40+ years later, unfortunately not much has changed. The world needs us now more than ever to continue to march together to make the world a better place. To those of you in your 20s, though what you stand for is more important than what you stand in, if you're anything like your mom when she was your age, you'll appreciate walking on Famolare waves just like she did.

Fashion is my calling and footwear is my forte. Building a successful company with a clear vision, and superior products that help women realize their full potential is my goal. After a couple of decades in the fashion industry working for great companies such as Nordstrom, Frye, Target Corp., and Kenneth Cole, I had a burning entrepreneurial desire that led me back to my roots – and to Famolare. I am grateful to have the opportunity to bring this beloved iconic brand back to life so that its legacy, like Birkenstock’s, will continue to live on through many future generations.

Famolare Women believe real beauty is not defined by age, body shape, or the color of her skin. It’s about being unapologetically ourselves, comfortable in our perfect imperfections. It’s our love of self that manifests into compassion for others. It’s about confidence, our willingness to put ourselves out there, to face challenges, and to take risks. When we fall, we pick ourselves up, dust off our well-lived Famolares, and move on. That spirit within us keeps our community of strong women committed to making waves. "Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into the water, the actions of individuals can have a far-reaching effect." - Dalai Lama

As a team of empowered women, we are focused on spreading love and positivity in everything we do. We try to do business in the most responsible way possible, making the most informed decisions with the information available to us. Sometimes, this can be more difficult than it sounds because there are a lot of “grey” issues to consider in the effort to be “green”. We work hard to find the perfect balance with every new idea and every decision we make.

Today, with the help of my dear friend Simran, we are working to build the best shoes for your feet. We’re committed to being kind and compassionate, as we spread love and positive energy to those we serve. We are grateful you have given us the opportunity to provide your feet with the original high ride and hope they help you enjoy the ride of your life in style.

All the best,