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We believe that shoes should be more than a fashion accessory. They should be a comfortable, healthful aid to natural movement. Thousands of women have shared how much they love their original Famolares. These shoes were produced using the original sole moulds. Women appreciate how these wavy rubber soles make them feel when their walking or standing in them all day. They add pep to our steps. Famolares serve the body as extensions of the foot. The patented design of the signature wavy sole, it’s shape, and weight act as a mediator between the foot and hard pavement. 

The HI UP wedge sole is great for a “night on the town” when you want to get dressed up, and dance with your shoes on, so you can continue to make waves in your Famolares.

Technical Aspects:

Famolare’s Hi UP wedge rubber soles cushion impact. The first wave absorbs initial shock to the heel and ankle. The second wave cushions the arch, and the third wave rolls you forward. The padded footbed gives firm comfortable support.

Handcrafted in North America from mostly locally sourced components, the 100% leather upper, which includes leather lining and a leather insole, will breathe and conform to your foot.

  • Leather upper
  • Leather lining
  • Padded leather insole
  • Recyclable rubber outsole
  • Nickel free buckles
  • Handcrafted in North America from locally derived components
  • Made in factories that pay a living wage
  • Short transport - low carbon footprint
  • Renewable and recyclable components


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