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Our Sustainability Approach

We at Famolare, work hard to offer you the finest quality product for the best possible price, sourced sustainably, wrapped in love and good energy. We try to do business in the most responsible way possible, making the most informed decisions with the information available to us. Sometimes, this can be more difficult than it sounds because there are a lot of "grey" issues to consider in an effort to be "green". We're dedicated to finding the perfect balance with every new idea and decision we make.

Famolare Sustainable Brand

Our Business Model

We design Famolares around our set of four constructions. Each design uses the same leathers, buckles, sole compound and more. Everything is aligned to reduce costs and eliminate as much waste as possible. We store the components in our factories and then place orders based on what we have on hand. We do our best to use up what we have before moving on to something new. This dramatically reduces waste too. Famolares are hand-crafted durable shoes, proven heirlooms that last through generations. We buy back vintage and used pairs for a variety of reasons and sell our worn returns on resale marketplaces. Even though our uppers are bio-degradable and our soles are recyclable, we believe this is the best approach to keep shoes out of landfills. 

sustainable brand suppliers Famolare sandals and shoes

Component Suppliers

We purchase our components from suppliers who manufacture their goods on site, and most of them are located within a couple of miles from our factories. This helps to keep our carbon footprint down to a rare minimum when it comes to footwear manufacturing.

Our main tannery that supplies virtually all the leather we use for our uppers is C-TPAT certified and 66% of their waste is recycled. Their solar panels generate energy to power 155 homes per year. Through their REDES program they support their worker's families by volunteering to paint local schools, and by teaching those who desire additional trades. This enables them to improve their daily life

Sustainable Eco friendly brand

Our Makers

We choose factories that care as much about people and the environment as we do. Here are some things we consider:

• Carbon Emissions

• Fair Wages

• Labor Conditions

• Recycling Programs

• Waste Reduction Efforts

• Energy Use

Both of our factories continued to pay their employees during the pandemic and have worked with elected officials to ensure their safety upon their return to work