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Double Play

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Thought from Victoria

"I played a lot of softball between 4th and 12th grade. I think I played every position, but mostly pitcher, shortstop, and occasionally center field. My favorite times during the game were when I was at bat. In Bobby Sox I was a consistent Home Run hitter, so my coach taught me to 'switch hit' and suddenly bat left handed so the outfield couldn't move out quick enough. For my 50th birthday I went to the batting cages. After one round of balls, I was in the groove, and hit the ballsharder and further than my younger and taller boyfriend. That felt great!"

The Famolare Approach


To keep our impact on the environment as low as possible, we worked hard to find a place where we could make Famolares with mostly natural renewable

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We at Famolare, work hard to offer you the finest quality product for the best possible price, sourced sustainably, wrapped in love and good energy.

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Wellness and Comfort

The rubber compound used in the soles acts as a mediator between your feet and hard pavement and serves as an aid to your natural movement.

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Only Famolare has a long-standing reputation for making women feel healthy, sensual, and empowered.

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